Can somebody please Identify this queen ant?

Can somebody please Identify this queen ant?

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hi, i found this queen in France and i want to know if it is a species i can take back home to England. i cant identify her since the only queens I've ever kept are Lasius Niger so i would like some help please!!

There are 4 main families in France. Formicinae, Dolichoderinae, Myrmecinae ans Ponerinae. This is a an ant in the subfamily Formicinae because it is large and has only one segment between the thorax and the abdomen. You can deduce that because the thorax and the abdomen seem very close. This particular ants is a queen of the genus Formica (wood ants) from the general aspect. The presence of wings indicate this is a reproductive individual and because the eyes are small compared to the rest of the head it is a female. The color and the general shape and the size would allow any trained observer to identify the genus Formica, although no formal criteria can be seen on this picture. Formal criteria require inspection of the funicula, a part of the antenna, which cannot be seen on this picture. For references please visit, and read Seifert - Ameisen Mittel und Nordeuropas. Lutra.

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