The female body inside

The female body inside

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It is the channel that connects the vulva to the uterus.


It is a hollow organ, made up of muscular tissue with great elasticity, which has a shape and size similar to a pear. In case of pregnancy, the uterus is prepared to house the embryo until birth.


The ovaries are the female sex glands in which, since the birth of the girl - approximately 400,000 female gametes are stored.

These sex cells are called eggs. They contain half the genetic material needed for a baby's development. The eggs in the ovaries of girls are immature. Sex hormones are responsible for the maturation and release of these eggs.

Uterine tubes

They are two thin tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus. Coating these tubes internally, there are cells with eyelashes that favor the movement of the egg to the uterine cavity.

The breasts

Breast development occurs at puberty and does not always happen identically, sometimes one breast is slightly larger than the other. Breast size varies from woman to woman. As with the nose, hands or feet, which are not the same size in all people, not even in the case of siblings.

The breast is formed by a greasy tissue and by small glands called mammary glands. These glands are attached to the nipple (nipple) by channels through which milk passes during breastfeeding. The nipple is generally very sensitive to touch.

The development of breasts and other body shapes in girls, such as the slimmer waist, rounded hips, depends on when and how much sex hormone is produced by her body, ie the ovaries.

Some girls start producing more sex hormones earlier than others. So, in addition to getting their periods first, certain girls develop their “woman's body” earlier than others.

Another important factor to consider is heredity, physical traits inherited from parents, grandparents, etc. In a family where women have underdeveloped breasts, girls are likely to have small breasts as well.

No one better than the doctor to tell if the development of breasts and other signs of body maturation is in line with the girl's age.