Why don't macaws get selenium poisoning from brazil nuts

Why don't macaws get selenium poisoning from brazil nuts

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Google research has indicated macaws love or eat a lot of Brazil nut. These are highly toxic to humans in somewhat small quantities due to their selenium content.

Given the mass difference between a human and macaw, lets say 80kg and 2kg, if toxicity for humans 'starts' around 900micrograms or ~9 nuts, maths would indicate toxicity for a macaw might be around 20% of a nut?

These figures are all based on google and the margin of error I expect is quite large, nonetheless it seems quite disparate if a macaw could consume even a single nut a day on average, without consequence?

One explaination is that macaws (Ara sp.) eat clay and other food item which absorb the toxins. Here is the full answer from Wikipedia:

Like all macaws and most parrots seeds and fruit are the major part of the diet of the genus Ara. The particular species and range of diet varies from species to species. Unlike many birds macaws are seed predators not seed dispersers, and use their immensely strong beaks to open even the hardest shells. Their diet overlaps with that of some monkey species; in one study of green-winged macaws in Venezuela they shared many of the same trees as bearded sakis, although in some cases they ate the seeds at an earlier stage of ripeness than the sakis, when they contained more poison. Macaws, like other parrots, may consume clay to absorb toxic compounds produced by some poison… but with further research we now at last know it is just to eat life saving sodium that is missing. As well, the toxic compounds of some foods may be neutralized by compounds, such as tannins, found in other foods consumed at the same time… but we have found that it is untrue and really just to gain access to sodium missing otherwise in their diet because of the area they live in.

Source: Wikipedia - Ara (genus)

Focus on bio-availability and not just label claims to make people nutrient replete: Ashoka fellow

Basil Kransdorff is a social entrepreneur, CEO of e’Pap, and an Ashoka fellow since 2011. For over 13 years he has been focused on achieving a condition of ‘nutrient repleteness’, using his e’Pap porridge product to boost the nutritional status of extremely malnourished people. The lessons he’s learned have implications for all of nutrition, health and sustainable development of economies across the world.

“Helping people to become “nutrient replete” requires a basic understanding of the biology of human beings,”​ he said.

“What’s important in our self created objective is not just what’s on the label but more important, what gets biologically absorbed by the body,” ​he said. “With our initial formulation objective of helping to create a “nutrient replete human being, we had to understand bio-availability, bio-efficacy, and nutrient interactions (the mineral wheel). That’s how e’Pap was born.

“Because we were social entrepreneurs trying to find a solution to many challenges in poor communities, experts in the field openly and at no cost shared ‘cutting edge’ knowledge with us. We had access to some of the best brains in the world, including people who were experts on food fortification. It was an amazing experience that helped get us up to speed ‘overnight’. Because we were dealing with such malnourished people, the impact is very visual and dramatic. This has helped us overcome the many frustrations we have experienced trying to change entrenched paradigms.”

“We learnt very quickly that the form of the nutrients is a key issue if you want to help create a nutrient-replete human being. Only in a nutrient replete state will the body become physiologically functional where the body can perform optimally as the sports industry have well understood for many years. In this condition the body can better manage health challenges with or without drug interventions.

“This is missed by all mainstream supplementation products that use low level absorption chemical isolate forms of nutrients. People often wrongly think that if you’re iron deficient then just throw some iron into your mouth and somehow it will address the deficiency. It does not work like that because “part solutions” are about as useful as a bucket of water in helping to stop your house from burning down.”

Getting to the most vulnerable

Basil Kransdorff, social entrepreneur, CEO of e’Pap, and Ashoka fellow

The flagship e’Pap product is like a pre-cooked porridge. The line has also been extended with an e’Spread peanut butter, an e’Soup (an instant soup), and an e’Drink. All the line extensions are based on the same technology approach that is used for the porridge.

Kransdorff said that they have kept their technology proprietary, and it’s all focused on the preservation of nutrients and their bio-efficacy. “Our technology goes right through from affordability to how we source, how we process, how we cook, how we mix, and how we package, and then to how we distribute. We are not a typical food company that distributes via retail. We distribute through community networks which means impact and word of mouth drive the distribution”.

e’Pap is not an NGO, but a social entrepreneur enterprise. It has a limited amount of resources that are generated from what it sells. “The bulk of e’Pap gets sold to faith-based or community based organizations,”​ he said. “They’ve been amazing because they actually work in communities and they’ve seen the impact.

“We use local distribution structures to get into the community. Even though we’re using state-of-the-art technology it’s cheaper than Coca-Cola at about US.15 cents a meal portion.

“e’Pap is affordable to the poorest where the issue is about poor people and community-based programs reassigning their priorities based on impact. It is this that really drives the distribution of e’Pap,” ​he said.

Selecting suppliers

By making nutrient repleteness the key formulation objective it becomes ‘quite simple’ to select ingredients and their suppliers, he said.

“We select technologies that are backed up by scientific outcome based research by going for those that are what we call a ‘mimic food state form’,” ​he explained. “Our underlying understanding is that the best way to get a nutrient into the body is in the form of a food, Nutrients in a food are “complexed” with protein and peptides and all sorts of molecules that the body can better manage. Nutrients in a food state form are self-regulating and do not have many of the problems that nutrients in a chemical form have when fortifying a very dense food product.

“Selenium rich nuts are an excellent example of the principle that highlights - it is not possible to get selenium poisoning from eating kilograms of brazil nuts. RDA levels of selenium are set at very low levels when using a chemical form of selenium. But if you purchase inorganic selenium in bulk it will have a skull and cross bones on the packaging.

“With refined chemical nutrient forms, nutrient interactions, blocking, unabsorbed liberation via urine and feces means low biological absorption. The result is expensive urine and part solutions with little impact in a focus of an objective of ‘nutrient repleteness’. Because chemical forms of nutrients can be seen by the body as foreign objects, the bodies defense organs will filter them out and could cause toxic build-up.

“Iron overload is well understood when using chemical isolate forms of iron which results in only two possible outcomes – either too much iron must be added which will cause taste profile changes and toxic outcomes or too little iron is added which results in a part solution that does not address the problem.”

e’Pap gets it mineral ingredients from Utah-based Albion. Max Motyka from Albion Minerals told us that the company has been working with Kransdorff for about 10 years via their local distributors INS.

“The e’Pap program is about a maize porridge with soy protein, minerals and vitamins,” ​explained Motyka. “The minerals are all chelates with amino acids from Albion, predominantly zinc and iron, which are badly needed by developing children for their immune system and brain development.”

So what is it about Albion’s ingredients? “What Albion did in the 1990s was absolutely revolutionary,”​ said Kransdorff. “They went right back to the fundamentals and developed a unique piece of technology that mimicked nature. When Albion was putting that work together 20 years ago they were creating a revolution.

“Albion really deserves a Nobel Prize,” ​he added. “Those guys worked out the technology years ago, but they’ve never had their recognition in mainstream interventions in spite of extensive scientific evidence of its effectiveness. Albion has played a critical role in what e’Pap has done. It’s not the whole part but it’s a major part.”

e’Pap also uses technologies developed by the GROW Company who have developed technologies that bond vitamins into a food state form thus further enhancing the formulation objective of ‘nutrient repleteness’, he added.

Going global

In terms of what e’Pap has achieved, Kransdorff said it was difficult to specify, but over the past 12 or 13 years he estimated they must have moved over 150 million food portions of e’Pap – all through what we call – word of mouth marketing.

“And remember that we haven’t had any major support from governments or large International NGO’s,” ​he said. “The World Food Program and Unicef, WHO among many other international organizations have ignored the impact e’Pap has been making on the ground across Africa for over 13 years. But we’ll get there mainstream interventions cannot continue to ignore the impact. 'Walking the talk' helping to make communities’ nutrient replete is going to have huge implications for human health, education, early childhood and sustainable development and of course poor malnourished communities.

“Poverty is not a sin,” ​he said. “Allowing poor communities to continue to be malnourished and dysfunctional so that they cannot take responsibility for their own challenges is a 'crime against humanity' especially when there are affordable solutions available to address the issue. ”

The impact of e’Pap was recognized by the American organization Ashoka​, a global network of about 3,000 social entrepreneurs in 70 countries putting their system changing ideas into practice on a global scale.

“Ashoka has moved us above the bureaucrats and really helped international decision makers see the impact e’Pap is making. Because of that, he has had a huge amount of interest from across the World.”

Indeed, he’s currently in the process of registering e’Pap with the FDA so that he is able to export e’Pap into the USA.

“There’s a huge market in the US, because of the drop in nutrient content in food of up to 75% over the past 100 years which means - everybody’s got the problem,” he said. The issue, now called ‘hidden hunger’, is linked to many health challenges including TB, obesity, depression, stunted births, diabetes’, ADD [attention deficit disorder], and even violence in schools.

“The American Health System model which tries to address the consequence of our compromised food chain, will in the future not be affordable. You cannot continue trying to address the consequences you have to go back to basics and actually fix the cause, a compromised food chain.

“Modern agricultural science has figured out how to grow much more food, but it has lost the plot on an important issue that has fallen through the cracks. The consequence of this “modern revolution” is the decrease in nutrient content of food on such a dramatic scale, the result is - we are all “starving to death” even if we have full stomachs.”

Kransdorff’s short-term goal is to get as much product on the ground as possible, because it has such a great impact on people’s lives. He has concluded that the best way to change the present “ineffective approach” is to let poor communities themselves tell the experts what works. Longer-term, he’s seeking the right partner to help them globalize.

“What’s tragic is that a product like e’Pap has been shown that it can help solve many serious problems facing the world and yet it is a challenge to engage main stream ‘experts’”​ he said.

“It’s not just about e’Pap though it’s about getting people to understand the value of effective nutrition that results in nutrient repleteness and prioritizing such an approach in all human activities and challenges.”

While mainstream political mindsets may have all bought into the idea that nutrition is a high priority (just look at the involvement of the Clintons in the 1,000 Days to Scale Up Nutrition program, for example​), the problem from Kransdorff’s perspective is that “main stream decision makers” have not yet understood that the key issue is about - how much is biologically absorbed. Scaling up “part solutions” because of low bioavailability, will not bring the impact needed, especially in highly malnourished communities.

“Clinical evidence is often confusing. One week there is a new study that says supplements work, and the next week is a study that says supplements don’t work."

“Clinical evidence is often confusing. One week there is a new study that says supplements work, and the next week is a study that says supplements don’t work. We speculate that the reason for this confusion is that either clinical studies are measuring the wrong outcomes like BMI (Body Mass Index) as a measure of nutrient status or not taking into account the use of low bio-available nutrients that might be causing the anomalies. Few studies are looking at relating the impact of outcomes to what’s being absorbed.

"If I read a clinical investigation that has low absorption chemical isolate nutrients and I see a positive impact, then I know that I can make even more positive outcome using high bio-available nutrients that result in nutrient repleteness. If I see a negative impact, I don’t disregard the research perhaps the outcome was as a result of the researchers using low bio-efficacy nutrients at such a low levels that it’s not addressing the body’s daily requirements for the body to operate optimally.

“The resulting confusion is part of a bigger problem as to why we are wasting millions of dollars of resources on ineffective nutrition interventions and why we are not getting the outcomes necessary to ‘make poverty history​”.

“Mainstream decision makers are rightly confused,”​ he said. “They require scientific evidence to make better decision and so continue to do what is called ‘common practice’. Decision makers need to understand the importance of nutrient form and the lack of impact and confusion part solutions’ create. What is required is research focused on creating new measurements that can better articulate ‘nutrient repleteness’. This will better explain our understandings which are supported by communities using e’Pap across Africa. It will stop wasteful expenditure on part solutions that are not effective. Decision makers will be able to make better decisions based on a cost dose response impact focused on an objective of ‘nutrient repleteness’ that will create real change as communities become nutrient replete.

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What Is Selenium? Selenium is an essential micronutrient found in foods such as Brazil nuts, bread, grains, meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. The reason it’s “essential” is because you must get selenium from your diet. Selenium binds to the amino acid cysteine in the body to form selenoproteins . Selenoproteins play a vital role in numerous bodily processes, such as thyroid and immune function, reproductive health, and DNA synthesis. Until 1957, scientists believed that selenium was toxic to humans, and that it should be avoided completely. We now know that selenium is an important nutrient that’s vital to our health. That said, it is possible to consume too much selenium (especially if you eat a lot of high-selenium foods), which is why it’s important to moderate your selenium intake. Some analysis exhibits that getting sufficient selenium could assist . . . . . . although it’s laborious to say how a lot of a task selenium performs in these totally different illnesses, as most of the research are observational (which may present correlation however not causation), or have been disputed by subsequent analysis. What analysis has proven extra clearly, nevertheless, is that getting sufficient quantities of selenium is linked with . . . Decreased continual irritation Decreased oxidative stress Improved thyroid operate Improved immune operate Improved temper and diminished anxiousness Improved cardiovascular well being Let’s check out every of those in additional element now.

Selenium and Irritation Having excessive ranges of continual irritation is related to the event of quite a few well being circumstances, equivalent to cancer , heart disease , diabetes , and obesity . Selenium inhibits the activation and release of essentially the most inflammatory proteins within the physique, equivalent to interleukin-6, interleukin-8, TNF-alpha, and NF-kappaB , and has been proven to reduce ranges of an necessary marker of irritation known as C-reactive protein (CRP). Selenium and Oxidative Stress Free radicals are molecules produced both within the physique as a part of metabolism, or on account of being uncovered to carcinogens within the surroundings. An extra of free radicals within the physique leads to what’s generally known as oxidative stress , which may increase your danger of quite a few ailments, together with heart problems, cataracts, and most cancers. Research shows that antioxidants equivalent to selenium assist to neutralize the harm carried out by free radicals, and shield your physique from oxidative stress. Selenium and Thyroid Operate One of many most important capabilities of the thyroid gland is to release hormones that regulate your metabolism. If the manufacturing of those hormones is disrupted in any approach, most of the physique’s capabilities, together with coronary heart charge, respiration charge, and digestion could also be affected. The thyroid gland contains extra selenium than some other organ within the physique. In case you are poor in selenium, it’s probably your thyroid’s operate shall be impaired, and you could develop a thyroid dysfunction, equivalent to Hashimoto’s disease , Grave’s disease , hypothyroidism , autoimmune thyroiditis , or enlarged thyroid (goiter). Selenium and Immune Operate Sustaining a wholesome immune system helps to keep at bay pathogens like viruses, micro organism, and protozoa, and reduces the danger of getting sick. Research shows that having low ranges of selenium is associated with compromised immune operate, whereas having good ranges of selenium has been shown to have a constructive impact on antiviral immunity, autoimmunity, sepsis, allergic bronchial asthma, and continual inflammatory problems. Selenium and Cognitive and Psychological Health Studies show there’s a link between having low ranges of selenium and cognitive decline. Whereas it’s nonetheless unclear what impact supplementing with selenium has on cognitive well being, there’s purpose to believe that getting sufficient ranges of selenium over the long-term is healthier for staving off cognitive impairment than not getting sufficient. Research also shows that low ranges of selenium are related to anxiousness, despair, and hostility, and that supplementing with selenium can markedly improve signs. Selenium and Cardiovascular Health A meta-analysis of 25 observational research discovered that individuals with low selenium ranges had a better danger of coronary coronary heart illness. Research shows that selenium supplementation decreases ranges of CRP, and will increase ranges of the highly effective antioxidant glutathione peroxidase ( GSH-PX ), which probably minimizes the oxidative stress and irritation that may result in coronary heart illness.

Why don't macaws get selenium poisoning from brazil nuts - Biology

Comment By Fintan Dunne,

Cal Crilly's devastating analysis of AIDS, below, highlights the outdated science behind current treatments and shows the true causes and cure.

He takes us on a densely referenced tour through the largely unknown mechanisms underlying viruses, reteroviruses, cancer and autoimmune diseases. So this has implications far beyond AIDS.

Cal's treatise is based on existing mainstream scientific and medical research. The kind of research the vendors of medicine's magic pills simply ignore in hope it will just go away. Crilly makes it impossible to ignore. An eye opener!

Why Retroviruses Appear
in AIDS, Cancer and
Autoimmune Diseases

By Cal Crilly, 26th May 2006
Edit by Fintan Dunne

"HIV is so 80's. That's why it's called a retrovirus."

First of all I'm not qualified. I've been an electronics factory worker for the last decade. I've done half a year part-time of university biology but discovered that under our government's cutbacks, night classes don't exist anymore --so all of this was researched during tea breaks.

I'm here because I read John Lauritsen's 'AIDS War' and for me HIV/AIDS was over once I discovered the truth about the AIDS drugs. That book was written in 1994, so why am I even writing this now? I don't know.

I also became incredibly ill from Phenol (Benzene) exposure at work and that's why I know the fine details. This is because Benzene is still the most obvious culprit involved in the T-cell depletion that causes AIDS.

"By carefully measuring individual laborers' exposure to benzene and other chemicals, the researchers showed that the 109 workers exposed below the 1 ppm level still had white blood cell counts almost 15 percent lower than similar workers who were not exposed. The reduction was larger for individuals subjected to more than 10 ppm of benzene."
Even at Low Levels, Benzene Takes Toll on White Blood Cells Link

My first shot, if I ever say Benzene causes more T-cell depletion than HIV I get called a holocaust denier. Oh well.

So on to retroviruses.

Retrovirus is a misnomer.

Just because Robert Gallo declared a retrovirus to be the probable cause of AIDS in 1984 at a press conference doesn't mean a thing. He knew nothing about retroviruses back then and his main peer Peter Duesberg said he was wrong immediately.

This was all a commercial gold rush set up by the American government via the NIH who employed Gallo to sell two new tests, one was the HIV antibody test which still to this day has on the inserts warnings saying things like this.

"The AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR [Viral Load] test is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection,"

"Do not use this kit as the sole basis of diagnosis of HIV-1 infection" (Abbott Laboratories HIV Test, Roche Viral Load Test and Epitope, Inc. Western Blot Test,

Positive test results can occur due to "prior pregnancy, blood transfusions. and other potential nonspecific reactions" (Vironostika HIV Test, 2003).

The other was the Michael Gottlieb's T-cell test, completely confusing when put into practice, terrifying healthy people with low T-cell counts who only have low T-cell counts because they aren't sick and therefore don't need T-cells to be on massive alert.

If you have a high T-cell count it could mean you have an autoimmune disease or allergies but they tell you that you're well. All a giant stuff up, in fact I would say both of these guys are like the Derek Zoolanders of Biology, who led everyone up a creek where the boat got stuck.

And that's where we are now.

After the Genome project happened we discovered –Lord, Oh Lordie-- that about 40% of our Genome was made up of RNA transposable elements, in other words they replicate differently to DNA and move around or transpose.

Before the Genome Project these were called 'Junk DNA' because we didn't know what they were --and 8% of those transposable elements are called Long Terminal Repeats by the geneticists.

Long Terminal Repeats are also called retroviruses.

The way our genome keeps them in check to stop them moving round aimlessly is with a process called DNA Methylation.

Tucked away in my university book 'Principles of Genetics' by Snustad and Simmons is this quote.

"Where Methylated DNA is found, it is associated with transcriptional repression. This is most dramatically seen in female mammals where the inactive X chromosome is extensively methylated. Regions of the mammalian genome that contain repetitive sequences , including those rich in transposable elements are also methylated, perhaps as a way of protecting the organism against the deleterious effects of transposable expression and movement" (Page 620 if you need to look.)

So retroviruses are not infectious, they are in us, all the time.

They are involved in fetal and cell growth and you find them everywhere especially in the placenta in large amounts during early pregnancy because fetal cells are Methylating and Demethylating over and over as the growth happens.

"Epigenetic alterations, including changes in DNA methylation status, are among the most common molecular alterations in human neoplasia. DNA methylation changes are also involved in mammalian development, starting with a wave of demethylation during cleavage, followed by genome-wide de novo methylation after implantation. Recently, Ohgane et al. reported that the differentiation of a trophoblast lineage is associated with DNA methylation and demethylation."
DNA Methylation Changes in Sera of Women in Early Pregnancy Are Similar to Those in Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Link

We panic and test our women for a theoretical retrovirus that was 'The probable cause of AIDS' back in 1984 and then it gets worse because we give them anti-retroviral drugs to stop these evil retroviruses.

Never mind that the drugs even have warnings saying "These drugs can cause mutations", this is an ideological crusade just to keep ourselves satisfied that we are winning the war on AIDS.

I've cried about this, got so angry my adrenal glands hurt, been abused for telling people, lost friends, lost a lot of time, maybe more, felt insane and ended up saying tragic jokes like "I think I might have the AGE virus, it's going to get me one day."

Retrovirus is a misnomer. Here's the HERV-W retrovirus involved in cell to cell fusion when pregnancy happens, when this came on the net I saw it straight away and my alarm bells went off.

Robert Gallo did not know any of this in 1984.

That's why it's called a retro virus.

"We demonstrate that HERV-W encodes a highly fusogenic membrane glycoprotein able to induce syncytium formation upon interaction with the type D mammalian retrovirus receptor expressed in primate and pig cells. Moreover, we found that HERV-W was expressed in placenta cells, suggesting that it may be involved in normal placenta function."
An Envelope Glycoprotein of the Human Endogenous Retrovirus HERV-W Is Expressed in the Human Placenta and Fuses Cells Expressing the Type D Mammalian Retrovirus Receptor Link

Highly fusogenic means they stick to us, no wonder everyone thought they were infectious.

They are certainly involved in cell growth. What I believe is happening is they are holding us together and the most dramatic example is the collapse of collagen and skin in AIDS patients who take the anti- retrovirals. .

Just go to and see what I mean.

Here is an example of our retroviruses appearing in our skin.

"This tissue-tropism should be seen in relation to the high expression previously found in syncytiotrophoblasts in placenta and sebaceous glands of the skin, suggesting profound influences by steroid hormonal regulation." Expression of human endogenous retrovirus ERV3 (HERV-R) mRNA in normal and neoplastic tissues. Link

The "profound influence of steroid hormonal regulation" just means our hormones give the signals to the cells to grow and the retroviruses are part of the process.

This is why they say don't take too much Vitamin A in pregnancy because it can cause defects but likewise if you don't have enough you get defects as well because there is a "wave of demethylation during cleavage" of the fetal cells.

And the retroviruses appear with demethylation.

It's all about balance in an unbalanced world. Now I have a folder called Nerd in my newly repaired Bitza computer with it's 8gig hard drive (woohoo and thanks Ward, he's the computer nerd that is making this possible). That folder has 1.6meg in word document quotes just to prove this. Unfortunately the real research on retroviruses has not been done yet, so come on I'm waiting, but in the meantime I can show you a lot they've all missed using their own data.

So how did Gallo stuff up? W ell he was a failed retrovirologist who thought because he found retroviruses in Leukemia that he could extract that retrovirus and infect some other poor mammal and give them Leukemia.

Well it didn't work just the same as the poor chimps now in retirement zoos who were infected with HIV, they didn't get sick.

When some poor gay guys from the disco era who had used Amyl Nitrate, Coke and party drugs followed by over prescription of Antibiotics, Cortisone (an immune suppressant drug) and more (there were also Benzene contaminated lubricants called Hot Oils on the market), finally got ill and came down with pneumonia --Gallo turned up with his retrovirus test and, lo and behold, got a few positives.

We are talking about a handful of guys, literally --and the press, who were in full Reagan mode and wanted a pogrom against gays, simply went with it. Bigots.

How does this effect science now? Here's my funniest example.

I'm from Brisbane in Australia, we get called the Deep North up here, everyone thinks we're hicks with IQ's of 60 (mine's 152 just to be a show off). We have Koalas here, and the greenies get very upset that they are going to disappear from the city zone and they probably will. This is because they are a bit dumb and even if we made corridors for them to travel through when breeding season comes they are so hot for sex they run out under cars and into back yards where dogs just crunch them.

But down near the Gold Coast (bit like a Florida zone) there's one of those theme parks called Dreamworld. This is a study of the koalas there who are kept old and alive long enough for the researchers to notice that they are riddled with Lymphomas.

Well these researchers have blamed the Koala retrovirus (so don't have sex with the critters), and if they have their way the female koalas will be put on anti-retrovirals to stop mother to child transmission. I'm not kidding, that's how scientists think.

"Koala retrovirus (KoRV) is a newly described endogenous retrovirus and is unusual in that inserts comprise a full-length replication competent genome. As koalas are known to suffer from an extremely high incidence of leukaemia/lymphoma, the association between this retrovirus and disease in koalas was examined. Using quantitative real-time reverse transcriptase PCR it was demonstrated that KoRV RNA levels in plasma are significantly increased in animals suffering from leukaemia or lymphoma when compared with healthy animals."

Real-time reverse transcriptase PCR for the endogenous koala retrovirus reveals an association between plasma viral load and neoplastic disease in koalas Link

Why on earth do koalas suffer an extremely high incidence of leukaemia/lymphoma?

Well, remember DNA Methylation keeps retroviruses in check. If you look at cancer studies they mention that global demethylation of the Genome is a big risk factor for getting cancer, here's one saying what happens with the retroviruses.

"In addition, when researchers treat cells or mice with drugs that demethylate the genome, the result is activation of previously silent retroviruses and endogenous genes."
Genomic Methylation for AIDS and Cancer Therapies Link

Retrovirus is a misnomer again, they are just coming out because our DNA is not being methylated. Demethylation is the cause of the disease, and this is because the nutrients needed for Methylation to happen are also antioxidants that protect cells.

When the cells are falling apart that's when the retroviruses come out.

Harold Foster is running what seem already to be successful trials with Selenium on AIDS patients in Africa. I'm writing this also because he was the one that noticed that Selenium deficiency causes AIDS.

Koalas only eat Eucalyptus leaves and on that diet they get Selenium deficient.

"In addition, analyses done for the agroforestry program showed that little selenium accumulated in the eucalyptus leaves or wood fiber however, it was noted that high concentrations of selenium accumulated in the sap."
Eucalyptus Trees Used to Clean Up Selenium
May Now Be a Danger to Migratory Birds Link

Also here in South East Queensland where Brisbane and the Gold Coast are we have low Selenium levels in our soil.

"Selenium deficiency is usually associated with acid or sandy soils where the annual rainfall is over 450mm. This occurs in the northern and southern tablelands of NSW, coastal and south east Queensland, parts of Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia and the eastern half of Tasmania"
Save on Sheep Selenium Dollars Link

The koalas are Selenium deficient and Selenium in the form of S-adenosyl-methionine or SAM is needed for Methylation to happen.

"Interestingly, the continuous feeding of a diet deficient in choline and methionine is recognized to lead to global DNA hypomethylation and cause hepatocellular carcinomas in rats in the absence of any exogenous carcinogen."
Diet, Epigenetic Events, and Cancer Prevention Link

"Dietary deficiencies of the SAM precursors folate, methionine, vitamin B12, and choline have been associated with increased cancer risk."
Diet, DNA Methylation Processes and Health Workshop Link

This is why we give pregnant mums folic acid. We forgot the Selenium and the koalas, they just have to breed quickly before they get leukemia.

Harry Foster is right to use Selenium. Thankfully someone noticed.

Who else is using this? Lots of us are.

Every time we get a flu we reach for garlic because it has selenium, but in South Africa there's been a fuss for some years now because Tine Van Der Maas has been using a mix of Lemons, Garlic, Beetroot and Olive Oil to cure AIDS and TB patients.

Lemons simply stop scurvy and must be the oldest antiviral on the planet. How did we get to Australia? Captain Cook used lemons and the sailors didn't die on the way.

Garlic has the Selenium, but Beetroot has Folic Acid and Choline that are both nutrients needed for DNA Methylation to happen. Olive oil provides the Omega essential fatty acids.

Here's the proof, Glutathione is a Selenium compound that protects cells.

"These results suggest that DNA hypermethylation of the HIV LTR may change the binding characteristics between LTR sequences and cellular proteins, thereby suppressing HIV LTR transcription and modulating viral expression." Inactivation of the HIV LTR by DNA CpG methylation: evidence for a role in latency Link

"Intracellular levels of glutathione are depleted in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in whom the risk of tuberculosis, particularly disseminated disease is many times that of healthy individuals. In this study, we examined the role of glutathione in immunity against tuberculosis infection in samples derived from healthy and human immunodeficiency virus infected subjects. Our studies confirm that glutathione levels are reduced in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and in red blood cells isolated from human immunodeficiency virus-infected subjects (CD4>400/cumm). Furthermore, treatment of blood cultures from human immunodeficiency virus infected subjects with N-acetyl cysteine, a glutathione precursor, caused improved control of intracellular M. tuberculosis infection." Glutathione and growth inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in healthy and HIV infected subjects. Link

"In AIDS patients, chronic inflammation and elevated levels of cytokines seem to be associated with lower levels of GSH: GSH levels decrease rapidly upon infection with HIV and continue to decline as the disease progresses. Investigators have shown that agents that increase intracellular levels of GSH inhibit HIV replication." Potential role of reduced glutathione as an antiviral agent Link

Now I'll use someone else to summarise my points about retroviruses before I hit you all with the bewildering nerd stuff that proves these nutrients are the first call treatment for AIDS, Cancer and all the autoimmune diseases and allergy diseases.

By this I mean Arthritis, Rheumatism, Psoriasis, some Diabetes, MS, Lupus, Irritable Bowel, Asthma, possibly even Autism --as all are the same diseases in different organs.

Our immune system recognizes something it doesn't like and we get in trouble as our white blood cells pour out Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide to dissolve it.

The reason the retroviruses turn up with autoimmune diseases is probably because as the white blood cells cause the damage to our cells, as well as removing pathogens, our cells then have to patch up the damage and grow back into the holes that were made.

Cell growth again, so the HIV test is not good for growing children.

"One of the many striking findings to come from the sequencing of the human genome is that some 45% of our DNA is composed of transposable elements such as LINE and Alu retroelements and DNA transposons. Around 8% of the genome is derived from sequences with similarity to infectious retroviruses, which can be easily recognized because all infectious retroviruses contain at least three genes, including gag (encoding structural proteins), pol (viral enzymes), and env (surface envelope proteins), as well as long terminal repeats (LTRs). The existence of human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) has been known for many years, but their abundance in the genome was not predicted by earlier studies."

"The best example of a HERV with a known function is HERV-W. The envelope proteins of this HERV are thought to mediate fusion of trophoblasts, an essential step during formation of the placenta. A role in membrane fusion is not surprising since this is the role of the viral Env protein during retroviral infection following binding to a cell surface receptor."

"The clinical heterogeneity of many of the associated diseases, such as lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, has also been a problem, since HERVs may be involved in specific subtypes of a particular disease and such subtypes may not be recognized by current diagnostic criteria."
Endogenous retroviruses in the human genome sequence Link

Note that they are talking about lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases where our retroviruses appear.

Where does the HIV/AIDS epidemic come from in Africa and the Third World?

"A common method of measuring HIV prevalence in South Africa is by looking at HIV test results taken from pregnant women who attend antenatal clinics." HIV/AIDS in South Africa Link

From the HIV test itself. (Love this one about human and baboon placentas.)

"In normal human placental tissues, they have antigenic similarity with exogenous retroviruses, such as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and may have a role to play in the regulation of cellular gene expression, syncytiotrophoblast formation or pregnancy-related immunosuppression."

"The results of this study confirm the specific expression of retroviral cross- reactive antigens in normal baboon placental tissues and suggest placental cellular proteins may have antigenic similarity with those recognized by anti- HIV/SIV antibodies. The role of these retroviral-related proteins expressed at the maternal-fetal interface remain unclear." Characterization of antigens expressed in normal baboon trophoblast and cross-reactive with HIV/SIV antibodies. Link

Oh my God, I can show you these monkey studies over and over so I won't. Actually I will because it's funny.

Look here, the koala retrovirus looks like the gibbon leukemia virus.

The Nucleotide Sequence of Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) Retrovirus: a Novel Type C Endogenous Virus Related to Gibbon Ape Leukemia Virus Link

And we have antibodies to the gibbon leukemia virus. So does that mean we have antibodies to the koala retrovirus?

"Sera from healthy humans contained naturally occurring antibody against group- or subgroup-specific antigen on the envelope of the following type C viruses isolated from primates: gibbon ape leukemia virus, simian (woolly monkey) sarcoma virus, baboon endogenous type C virus, and putative human type C viruses [HL23V isolated from blood cells of a patient with acute myelogenous leukemia (HL23) and HEL-12V from human embryonic diploid cells (CIH-32)]."

"The highest incidence of antibody production was in 1- to 10-year-olds and 31- to 40-year-olds, with the adults exhibiting higher levels. Differences in incidence of natural antibody were not found to be sex-linked. These findings suggest that type C RNA viruses related to the gibbon ape leukemia virus and simian (woolly monkey) sarcoma virus family as well as the baboon endogenous type C virus family may be widespread in humans." Natural Antibodies in Sera from Healthy Humans to Antigens on Surfaces of Type C RNA Viruses and Cells from Primates Link

Getting my point here, the people who give you a HIV test are really confused.

This is HERV-K, it's a very common LTR or retrovirus in our genome that appears everywhere and in this study it cross reacts with Bob's HIV antibody test.

I thought it 'was specific'?

"Furthermore we could observe a parallel HIV-1/HERV-K seroconversion, which probably is not due to an HIV-1/HERV-K-outer membrane envelope cross- reactivity." Antibodies in human sera recognizing a recombinant outer membrane protein encoded by the envelope gene of the human endogenous retrovirus K. Link

The funny comment there is it's "probably not due to an HIV-1/HERV-K-outer membrane envelope cross-reactivity", but the researchers are trying really to say "we think the study stuffed up, so we don't get in trouble for noticing they cross react".

Here again this a guy called Urnovitz, he believes another chunk of our transposable elements called ALU's which move around as well are responsible for AIDS, so like Gallo he is trying to come up with new tests for them. Are we sick of these tests yet?

Just eat some decent food.

"Data indicate that in the general population, 0.6% of low risk individuals show HERV-like antibodies compared with 27% of nonhealthy individuals," Urnovitz indicated."Standard tests are unable to differentiate between HERV-like antibodies and HIV antibodies. Furthermore, they do not provide enough information to evaluate the contribution of HERVs to HIV progression toward Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome." New Antibody Marker Could Aid Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis Link

He noticed that most of the guys with Gulf War Syndrome and people with AIDS have heaps of HERV-K antibodies. I noticed that all the autoimmune diseases have as well.

But again HERV-K also appears in the placenta, so why on Earth would it appear in the placenta and cancer cells? This is because placental cells and cancer are barely different, they are cells that need guiding.

We take the approach of poisoning cancer cells, when if we worked out how to steer them --as in pregnancy-- we might sort the problem out.

Urnovitz forgot that DNA hypomethylation is causing them to come out.

Transcription of HERV-K-related LTRs in human placenta and leukemic cells. Link

Expression of a human endogenous retrovirus, HERV-K, in the blood cells of leukemia patients. Link

Here's HERV-W in cancer too. Why does it happily do nothing wrong in the placenta but appears in cancer?

"We examined the structural genes (gag, pol and env) of the human endogenous retrovirus (HERV-W) family from 12 normal human tissues and 18 human cancer cell lines using RT-PCR." Expression of the human endogenous retrovirus HERV-W family in various human tissues and cancer cells Link

And here is why we see HERV-W in cancer cells.

L1 and HERV-W retrotransposons are hypomethylated in human ovarian carcinomas Link

DNA hypomethylation is causing the cancer. And selenium, folic acid, choline and other nutrients all help stop that from happening.

I'm proving nutrition stops AIDS and cancer here, because all the chemotherapy out there depletes selenium and it's other compound glutathione. A hundred years of donations to the cancer research foundations gave us drugs that just kept cancer at bay by shutting down all life in the body. This is why almost everyone gets a cancer reoccurrence after chemo and why AZT never stopped HIV it just terminated every living process in the body.

"Azidothymidine causes functional and structural destruction of mitochondria, glutathione deficiency" Suppression of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Expression in Chronically Infected Monocytic Cells by Glutathione, Glutathione Ester, and N- Acetylcysteine 1991 Link

Here in Australia as in other countries pregnant women are now asked if they will do a HIV test and if they are unlucky to draw a straw in Gallo's lottery they are given AZT from around 13 weeks of the pregnancy.

The child is then given 6 weeks worth as soon as they are born. Welcome to Robert Gallo's sick and twisted world.

This is what happens to them.

"Recent studies of pregnant women and animal models have raised concerns regarding potentially serious mitochondrial toxicity-related side effects in infants born to mothers who received nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) during their pregnancy to prevent HIV-1 perinatal transmission."

"Similarly, the mean mtDNA copies per cell from the cord blood of the HIV-positive women compared with HIV-negative women was 144 +/- 101 and 865 +/- 331 ( =.0026), respectively. There was a statistically significant decrease in mtDNA copies per cell in placenta and cord blood between the HIV-infected women on NRTIs compared with HIV-negative women." Placenta and cord blood mitochondrial DNA toxicity in HIV-infected women receiving nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors during pregnancy. Link

What that blurb means is the mitochondrial DNA is so poisoned it would be amazing these women can walk.

This is a description of the effects.

"Mitochondrial damage is poorly diagnosed, and when symptoms do occur, they can run the range from mild, to severe, to life-threatening. For instance, common symptoms include fatigue, muscle weakness (myopathy), peripheral neuropathy, and pancreatitis. However, some researchers suggest that regardless of HIV serostatus, damage to mitochondria can be a possible factor in low platelet count (thrombocytopenia), anemia, and low neutrophil count (neutropenia). Furthermore, there is a significant link between damaged and dysfunctional mitochondria and the development of Type II diabetes in adults, again, regardless of HIV serostatus." Mitochondrial Damage Link

Cure for AIDS is it? Give this stuff to starving Africans and get that warm inner glow.

Or how about Nevirapine? These are the photos Thabo Mbeki had seen that turned him into a raving neo-nazi intent on denying Africans the right to life saving AIDS drugs.

Nevirapine Flesh-eater Halted SA Aids Trials 31st October 2000 Link

Now if you were a sensible public servant and you saw this would you allow this rubbish into your country to give to your sick people? Poor Thabo, I'm amazed he didn't swear profusely at the Treatment Action Campaign stooges who are simply working for multinational drug companies.

Over here in every so called alternative media outlet reported Thabo as a madman and Nazi. I was sickened by the reporting which I saw as collaboration with a genocidal racket that will go down in history as just that. Jonathan Fishbein blew the whistle on Nevirapine this year and good on him.

Dr. Jonathan Fishbein's fight for
medical ethics in AIDS medicine. 30 Jan 2006 Link

Here is a case on one of the litigation sites getting ready to cash in on the gold rush when HIV/AIDS goes down.

"Nevirapine was dosed at 4mg per kg once a day for the first 14 days, and then 4mg per kg twice a day. On day 28 of antiretroviral therapy the boy was admitted to hospital with a two day history of ulcerative rash. Treatment with intravenous fluids, steroids and antimicrobials was provided, to which the boy initially responded. However, on day 25 of hospitalisation, he developed a fever, restlessness, altered mental state, and, probably because of sepsis, died."

'Large numbers of HIV-positive children will require therapy with nevirapine in resource-limited setting, note the investigators. Because of this, the investigators caution "the scenario we report here will become more common as ART expansion continues…additional research is needed to investigate the degree to which serious nevirapine toxicities can be predicted on the basis of genetic factors or previous toxicity in first-degree relatives."' Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Affects Mother and Son Taking Nevirapine Link

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome means your skin falls off. "…the scenario we report here will become more common as ART expansion continues…" That is a chilling statement.

This is why mothers are packing their children up and going on the run from the AIDS police.

Children, Pediatric AIDS (PAIDS), AZT Fugitives Link

So back to my point after that harrowing experience. Chemo depletes Selenium, stuffs the kidneys and liver and generally kills people. I'm talking about cancer chemo as well.

All these nutrients stop the so-called retroviruses, methylate our DNA and therefore have a huge effect on AIDS, Cancer and all autoimmune diseases. I haven't even touched on the autoimmune subject yet.

I'll show you something by Mae-Wan Ho, she's a darling of the anti-GM crowd now because she wrote a book called Living With The Fluid Genome and pointed out that shoving vaccines straight into the blood stream, stuffing around with GM crops and our food or doing a tweak or two by adding genes attached to viruses into us is nuts.

Why? Well obviously no one knows what will happen.

Look what happened to the Gulf war people who had 30 different vaccines, they became cripples. That's her point. Kids who end up with autism from vaccines, that's her point. Our scientists are mad.

"Defective or dormant HERVs, like defective retrotransposons, can become expressed when missing gene-functions are provided by a 'helper' virus that happens to infect the cell, and that includes 'attenuated' viruses in vaccines. Like retrotransposons, HERVs can also be induced: by X-rays or various chemical agents and drugs, such as inhibitors of protein synthesis, organophosphates and other pesticides, inflammatory cytokines (hormone- like factors that influence cells of the immune system) or steroid hormones, and retinoic acid ."

In a comprehensive review published in 1996, virologists Howard Urnovitz and William Murphy raised the possibility that many chronic debilitating diseases may be linked to HERVs. These include leukaemia and other cancers, B-cell immunoglobulin diseases, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, autoimmune rheumatic and connective tissue disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are several mechanisms linking HERVs with chronic diseases, though it is not at all clear which mechanism comes into effect under different circumstances.

One way in which endogenous viruses can cause disease is for them to move and insert itself next to certain genes, that, when over-expressed, results in uncontrolled cell division, or cancer. This mechanism may be involved in mouse and human leukaemia, breast cancer and teratocarcinoma. This is also the mechanism that causes cancer in gene therapy, when viral vectors integrate next to these same genes." Endogenous Viruses and Chronic Disease Link

This is what I will talk about.

"Like retrotransposons, HERVs can also be induced: by X-rays or various chemical agents and drugs, such as inhibitors of protein synthesis, organophosphates and other pesticides, inflammatory cytokines (hormone-like factors that influence cells of the immune system) or steroid hormones, and retinoic acid."

Why do X-rays, chemical agents and drugs cause HERV's to come out?

Because all these things deplete the nutrients that are needed for DNA methylation and that's why chemo never works unless you eat well.

But hold on a minute, inhibitors of protein synthesis, that's nuts, half the HIV population in the West who can afford it are on protease inhibitors, protease is needed as an enzyme to break down protein and synthesize it but they also cause HERV induction? They cause the shrunken face effect too.

Then organophosphates. Well, Mark Purdey laid the blame fair and square on organophosphates as the cause of BSE or Mad Cow's Disease. But again this was one of those vague viruses, how do we know it wasn't depleting Selenium and causing the cow retroviruses to be induced? Purdey also blamed Manganese exposure for BSE because near Manganese refineries, deer and cattle were getting the disease. Manganese would interfere with Selenium uptake.

They also give Selenium and Copper to sheep so they don't get White Muscle Disease, same symptoms as Scrapies that has the same symptoms as BSE.

Inflammatory Cytokines! Just do a search on HIV and inflammatory cytokines and see, they happen together.

Then there are steroid hormones, what does that mean? Body lifters and bouncers are likely to be walking retrovirus factories? That's funny because they probably are due to the massive cell growth.

But all our old mums and grannies are told to take HRT another hormone to stop their wrinkles and it gives them cancer. That's cell growth out of control.

Then there are drug addicts, if you shove speed into your system you push your steroid hormone production up and burn out your adrenal glands. I know, that's probably what stuffed me up a few years ago, I worked with Araldite an Amine glue and Phenolic resin glues for 3 and a half years until my body went into autoimmune mode and dismantled my skin.

Adrenaline and Noradrenaline are our hormones that hyper us up at one end of each of these molecules is a Benzene ring and at the other end and Amine chain. No wonder I was speeding off my nut.

Where else does this happen?

Recently there was a big fuss about ice addicts rooting around so much in New York that they were spreading a new a deadly virulent strain of HIV. All a load of trash of course, all the big wigs in HIV/AIDS held meetings and even considered quarantine of districts where this was occurring… mmmm.

Well think about it if you take that much speed, don't eat, don't sleep, don't get sunlight you will stuff the liver where our hormones are made and you've replaced it all with a very artificial hormone.

You also need sleep and sunlight to make hormones like TGF Beta that keep the immune system in check and if the immune system goes stupid you'll have antibodies to all sorts of things that are poisoning you.

Speed and stress also makes you thin, lowers immunity and impairs glucose or sugar metabolism, in other words it can cause diabetes in the long run. Along with rubbish food, chemicals like benzene in our petrol are a risk factor for diabetes and you see this in areas like Harlem with 1 in 3 people diabetic, they are eating too much sugary rubbish and wallowing in Benzene from cars.

"As a consequence, higher levels of hydroquinone, phenol and catechol, considered the actual metabolites responsible for benzene toxicity, will accumulate in the diabetic rat. Extrapolating these data to human, we may thus suggest that occupational exposure to benzene of a diabetic subject poses a higher risk level, as his metabolism tends to produce and accumulate higher levels of reactive benzene catabolites." Modifications in the metabolic pathways of benzene in streptozotocin- induced diabetic rat. Link

Over here in Australia we have a pretty bad petrol-sniffing problem amongst our aborigines and this because in some communities they have about one person employed in a hundred and everyone is bored and broke so petrol is the cheapest drug. How did this really happen?

Back in the 1980's we knew oil was getting grubbier as we got to the bottom of oil fields and that meant more lead to raise octane levels. Lead could have been sorted with a filter.

Instead the oil companies had heaps of left over benzene to throw around and conned our idiot politicians to stick it in the petrol. What should have happened is the stuff should have been put through catalytic converters at the refineries but to save petrol companies money they made the car owners pay for it.

This is what the inventor of the Black Box said about it, he was an aviation fuels expert and testified in parliament about it. They didn't listen.

'Even at that stage, Dr Warren had found that the lead problem was highly overstated and that the potential hazards from the aromatic octane enhancers --like benzene-- were greater than the perceived lead problem. "In fact, this stuff appears to be so dangerous, potentially lethal, that I urge you not to use it in any car not fitted with a catalytic converter. Don't use it in your mower, chainsaw, whipper-snipper or outboard motor, and don't wash parts in it. If any gets on your skin, wash it off immediately. Avoid the fumes when refuelling and don't allow anyone near the exhaust, particularly when the exhaust system is cold. Remember that catalytic converters don't work until they reach some 400 degrees C."'

I smell it everywhere because I'm allergic to it and want to keep it out of my lungs.

And it makes you high so that's why people sniff it.

South Africa has a huge petrol-sniffing problem and the AIDS capital of the world is in Durban, which also gets called the "Valley of the refineries" with a leukemia rate 20 times the average, who needs HIV to cause AIDS?

The petrol companies are spending $29 million at the moment on studies to prove it doesn't cause cancer --just to get out of the litigation. Good luck guys, you're wasting your money.

Where else is it? It's a preservative called Sodium Benzoate, most people drink it in soft drinks.

"A government analysis of more than 100 soft drinks and other beverages turned up five with levels of cancer-causing benzene that exceed federal drinking-water standards, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday." "Federal rules limit benzene levels in drinking water to 5 parts per billion. A limited FDA analysis of store-bought drinks found benzene levels as high as 79 parts per billion in one lot of Safeway Select Diet Orange." Cancer-Causing Benzene Found in Drinks 05.19.2006 Link

It gets worse in the Third World because lack of refrigeration and exposure to sun breaks it down and it comes out.

"And what of benzoic acid (C7H6O2)? Way back in 1906 Harvey Wiley, the founder of the FDA, conducted experiments on people (with permission) trying to determine the harmful effects, if any, of this compound on humans. At the time, a major food company wanted to add the chemical to various canned products to insure food color and freshness and Dr. Wiley was concerned about possible adverse effects. Upon repeated introduction of small, concentrated amounts of benzoate into his test subjects several adverse side effects were noted after three weeks: night sweats, fever, muscle loss, anorexia, lymph swelling, etc.. The same symtoms of AIDS, TOS, SMON, CFS, illicit drug use, and other benzene-induced conditions.

Dr. Wiley testified before congress that the use of benzoic acid, boric acid, salicylates, and cinnamic aldehyde (found in "hot" lubricants) would be disastrous and even succeeded in banning them for a few years. Unfortunately, due to economic and political pressures from food and petrochemical companies, Dr. Wiley was overruled and expelled from the very organization he founded."
Benzene, Lubricants and AIDS Link

Here's a couple more to prove the point.

Decreases of natural killer cells and T-lymphocyte subpopulations and increases of B lymphocytes following a 5-day occupational exposure to mixed organic solvents. Link

"The ratio and absolute number of T and B lymphocytes in blood and spleen were depressed after a 7-day exposure at 50 ppm benzene." Effects of benzene inhalation on lymphocyte subpopulations and immune response in mice. Link

It also stuffs around with our hormones or steroids and influences cell growth, and that's why it cause cancer and leukemia cells to go stupid, and you should have worked out by now that retroviruses will turn up too.

So do the residents of Durban have HIV/AIDS or Leukemia?

Here's a link to the list of cancer drugs we use and you don't have to look.

Buried in that toxic list are a few natural things and they are Retinoic Acid or Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Curcumin from Turmeric, a polyphenol that looks steroid like.

They work rather well together for Leukemia.

"Combinations of RA and curcumin or vitamin D3 and curcumin inhibited the proliferation of HL-60 cells to a greater extent than was observed for either compound alone." Synergistic effects of curcumin on all-trans retinoic acid- and 1 alpha,25- dihydroxyvitamin D3-induced differentiation in human promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells. Link

Leukemia patients can do this at home with a good curry and some cod liver oil.

The word differentiation is important, it's why Mae-Wan Ho said steroids influence retroviral induction. It's all about guiding cells with the right signals.

Here's that sort of blurb in nerd terms, they are talking about Vitamin D and it gets made from sunlight on our skin or from things like cod liver oil

"Nevertheless, it is hypothesized that sunlight deprivation in the arctic winter can lead to a deficiency of the 1, 25(OH)2D3 vitamin, which might stimulate leukemic cell proliferation and block cell differentiation through dysregulation of growth factors in the bone marrow stromal cells, causing one mutation and an overt ALL in progenitor cells damaged during the current or the previous winter by influenza virus, the other mutation." A hypothesis concerning deficiency of sunlight, cold temperature, and influenza epidemics associated with the onset of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in northern Finland. Link

There has even been a case of a teen in America who got leukemia from too much Playstation and not enough sunlight, poor kid.

Benzene and a lot of the chemicals we use mangle this differentiation. And that includes AIDS and Cancer drugs.

A month after September 11 happened I was a mess because of this and rocked up to 3 different doctors until the third diagnosed pustular psoriasis. That meant every one of my pores was breaking out in pus or white blood cells.

I had fevers and chills, rapid weight loss and no sleep.

My doctor also treats AIDS patients, if I wasn't in a long-term relationship at the time and had taken a HIV test at the start years before I could have been in trouble if I'd taken the test. I knew it was all rubbish when I sat itching in his surgery so I didn't. But here is the nerd stuff on autoimmune diseases that cross react with the HIV test.

Hold on to your hats, it makes me tired just looking, it's night time and I'm putting on my sunnies.

So my first point is that DNA Hypomethylation is a major cause of autoimmunity.

"These drugs also induce an autoimmune syndrome, suggesting a possible relationship between DNA hypomethylation, T cell autoreactivity, and certain autoimmune diseases. To test this relationship, DNA methylation was studied in T cells from patients with rheumatoid arthritis and patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, and was found to be impaired. These results support a relationship between DNA hypomethylation and some forms of autoimmune disease." Evidence for impaired T cell DNA methylation in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Link

Now the stuff on how HIV test cross-reacts with the retroviruses that turn up in autoimmune diseases.

"In 8 out of 29 patients with scleroderma we found antibodies to HIV retroviral proteins in the Western blot analysis. The sera each reacted only to one or two of the p 18, p 24, p 55, and p 65 bands, and the reactions were relatively weak." Antibodies to retroviral proteins in progressive scleroderma Link

"The first set of experiments performed on four patients with Sjogren's syndrome (SjS) and four patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) revealed a significant anti-gp120 antibody reactivity in autoimmune patients when compared to healthy HIV-negative controls." "A significant anti-p24 reactivity was observed in 18 of 29 sera from SjS patients and in 13 of 25 sera from SLE patients" Epitope specificity of anti-HIV antibodies in human and murine autoimmune diseases. Link

"RESULTS: Sera from five of 15 patients with Sjogren's syndrome (33%) reacted against p24 group specific antigen (gag) of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Labial salivary gland biopsy specimens from seven of the 15 patients with Sjogren's syndrome (47%) contained an epithelial cytoplasmic protein reactive with a monoclonal antibody to p24 of HIV." Retrovirus in salivary glands from patients with Sjogren's syndrome. Link

"We previously reported that 30% of SS patients and 36% of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients have serum antibodies to the p24 gag protein of HIV-1."

"The p24 gag protein shares a proline-rich epitope with the Sm nucleoprotein to which many SLE patients have antibodies." Are endogenous retroviruses involved in human autoimmune disease? Link

RESULTS. Antibodies to retroviral proteins (ARP), most frequently to HIV Gag proteins p55 and p24, were found in 64% of 22 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), in 63% of 8 patients with discoid LE (DLE), in 75% of 8 patients with mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD), and in 26% of 19 individuals with chronic biologically false-positive (CBFP) seroreactions, but not in 8 patients with subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus." Antibodies to retroviral proteins in autoimmune connective tissue disease. Link

"A review of the cases of 20 Zimbabwean patients with acute arthritis raises the possibility of an association between arthropathy, immunogenetic factors, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection."

"Of note was the finding that, of the 19 patients screened, 14 (74%) showed antibodies to HIV and 11 exhibited some features of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)-related complex, especially weight loss, fever, and generalized lymphadenopathy. No HIV- positive patient was a homosexual, intravenous drug abuser, or blood transfusion recipient. Since the 74% prevalence of HIV antibodies in this series exceeds that found even in high-risk populations (e.g., 18% among patients attending sexually transmitted disease clinics in Harare), it seems unlikely to be a chance finding." Acute arthritis in Zimbabwean patients: possible relationship to human immunodeficiency virus infection. Link

Hepatitis C is not isolated just as HIV is not isolated, really Hep C is an autoimmune disease just like Lupus, in fact Hep C is Lupus.

High prevalence of serum antibodies to hepatitis C virus in patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis Link

"On Southern blotting of DNA extracted from thyroid glands of five patients with Graves' disease, two probes (720 bp and 942 bp) for gag human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) gave a positive hybridisation signal in all samples tested." Retrovirus-like sequences in Graves' disease: implications for human autoimmunity. Link

"Hepatitis C virus was detected in the serum of three of these four subjects, all of whom had Graves' disease." Hepatitis C virus antibodies and Graves' disease Link

"Both ELISA and the Immunoblot assays may be falsely positive for ongoing HCV infection in patients with SLE. Suspected HCV infection should be confirmed with PCR for serum HCV RNA in these patients." Hepatitis C virus antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus. Link

Here's my point again about DNA hypomethylation causing the problem in Lupus, HIV and Hep C and all the autoimmune diseases.

"T cells from patients with lupus exhibit diminished levels of DNA methyltransferase (MTase) enzyme activity, hypomethylated DNA, and changes in gene expression similar to those exhibited by T cells treated with methylation inhibitors, suggesting that DNA hypomethylation may contribute to human lupus." Decreased Ras-mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling may cause DNA hypomethylation in T lymphocytes from lupus patients. Link

I had the symptoms of Grave's disease or hyperthyroidism, ugh.

"Graves' disease are identical to the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, a condition that can be caused by Graves' disease. Classic symptoms include an enlarged thyroid gland (goiter), nervousness, heat intolerance, weight loss, sweating, diarrhea, tremors, palpitations and exophthalmos (swelling of the tissue behind the eyeballs causing protrusion of the eyeball)." Grave's Disease Link

Selenium, copper and iodine are needed to balance Thyroid function. Women with periods that are going out of time need to get these nutrients into their diet because that's how it's all balanced. I munched Brazil nuts to get my copper and selenium and it worked,

This is what they say about false positives from a HIV test. Oh God.

"There are many possible reasons for an indeterminate HIV antibody Western blot assay. Some of these reasons might be:

Prior blood transfusions, even with non-HIV-1 infected blood Prior or current infection with syphilis. Prior or current infection with malaria parasites. Autoimmune disease (e.g. diabetes, Grave's disease, etc.). Infection with other human retroviruses such as HIV-2, HTLV I/II. Association with "large animals." Animal trainers and veterinarians are sometimes exposed to viruses which do not cause human disease but may interfere with HIV antibody tests. Second or subsequent pregnancies in women." Accuracy of Adolescent HIV Tests Link

Here is an example of "Second or subsequent pregnancies in women."

"Expression of intact endogenous retroviruses by normal placental villous trophoblast and immuno-crossreactivity of villous trophoblast with anti-retroviral antisera have been documented." Expression of endogenous HIV-1 crossreactive antigens within normal human extravillous trophoblast cells. Link

Trophoblasts are fetal cells.

Well it's obvious that the claim about the HIV test being specific is just a claim. The p24 core protein is all over the place, how did they get away with this?

"A major core protein of the human immunodeficiency virus encoded by the HIV gag gene. HIV-seropositive individuals mount a significant immune response to p24 and thus detection of antibodies to p24 is one basis for determining HIV infection by ELISA and Western blot assays."
HIV Core Protein p24 Link

In fact three quarters of the population have antibodies to the p24 protein, this is because we eat cows and drink milk and this is nothing new. The only reason we have antibodies is because the Bovine Leukemia Virus is from a cow and so we make antibodies to a retrovirus from a different animal, why would we allow a cow retrovirus to replicate in us.

But it doesn't cause Leukemia in humans or cattle, because when a cow gets low in the nutrients that enable DNA methylation --as we should know now hypomethylation happens and the Bovine Leukemia Virus comes out, it is not the cause.

"Using immunoblotting to test the sera of 257 humans for antibodies of four isotypes (IgG1, IgM, IgA, and IgG4) to the BLV capsid antigen (p24), we detected at least one antibody isotype reactive with BLV in 74% of the human sera tested."
Humans have antibodies reactive with Bovine leukemia virus. Link

This is why they say this.

"Association with "large animals." Animal trainers and veterinarians are sometimes exposed to viruses which do not cause human disease but may interfere with HIV antibody tests."

If you hang round with different animals you can develop antibodies to their transposable elements if of course they get into you. Sometimes it may be a problem but that's why our DNA methylates to protect us from them.

The scary thing is that cancer patients can be HIV positive.

"In previous studies we found that many humans had antibodies to BLV envelope glycoprotein (gp51) and capsid protein (p24), suggesting humans might possibly be infected with BLV." Bovine leukemia virus in human breast tissues Link

Detection of P24 protein in human breast cancer: influence of receptor status and oestrogen exposure. Link

"This is the first report of human sera with antibody to BIV-specific proteins." Detection of multiple retroviral infections in cattle and cross-reactivity of bovine immunodeficiency-like virus and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 proteins using bovine and human sera in a western blot assay. Link

'RAK antigens p120, p42, and p25 exhibit molecular and immunological similarity to the proteins encoded by human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and are expressed by 95% of breast and gynecological cancer cases in women and prostate cancer cases in men.' Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1-Like DNA Sequences and Immunoreactive Viral Particles with Unique Association with Breast Cancer Link

'PCR with HIV-1 Env-derived primers revealed DNA sequences with over 90% homology to HIV-1 gp41 in syncytia and in ovarian cancer cells but not in normal ovary cells.' Giant Syncytia and Virus-Like Particles in Ovarian Carcinoma Cells Isolated from Ascites Fluid Link

This one made me laugh, those damned mice giving us cancer.

"In addition, the presence of HERV-Ks, which are homologous to MMTV (11, 12, 13) , has made it difficult to distinguish between endogenous and exogenous MMTV-like sequences." Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus-like ENV Gene Sequences in Human Breast Tumors and in a Lymphoma of a Breast Cancer Patient Link

The HIV antibody test unlike all others has to be diluted. This is because we are all positive and we are all positive --because the HIV antibody test just picks up any old retrovirus. And we are full of them.

"I first took samples of blood that, at 1:400 dilution, tested negative for antibodies to HIV. I then ran the exact same serum samples through the test again, but this time without diluting them. Tested straight, they all came positive." EVERYBODY REACTS POSITIVE ON THE ELISA TEST FOR HIV Link

The viral load test used for HIV detection is for a thing called Reverse Transcriptase that indicates how much retrovirus is floating around inside you. But HERV-K again uses the stuff and you've seen enough HERV-K blah from me to sink a ship. And HERV-K appears in all of our diseases plus pregnancy which last time I looked wasn't meant to be a disease. Some women may disagree.

"These combined results may suggest that these endogenous RT enzymes still have a biological function." Identification of an Active Reverse Transcriptase Enzyme Encoded by a Human Endogenous HERV-K Retrovirus Link

So how do we quietly put the HIV/AIDS industry to sleep for being so out of date, boringly repetitive and downright deadly? I don't know because the idiots who run this show get 28 billion dollars in funding from the American taxpayers. What a mess and what about Robert Gallo? If you were getting $150, 000 a year would you put your hand up and say: "I made a boo-boo"?

"The NIH says the HIV-1 patent is one of its most lucrative, bringing in millions of dollars a year in licensing fees. Robert Gallo, an NIH scientist who shares credit for discovering the HIV-1 virus, says he reaps $150,000 a year from royalties -- the maximum allowed by United States law for a government scientist." Why rapid HIV tests, widely sold overseas, have eluded the United States Link

'Gallo is the co-discoverer of the AIDS virus. Cross Atlantic doesn't typically invest in bioscience companies, Fox said, but has in this case because of the scientific pedigree of Gallo and his team. "Ultimately in venture capital, you invest in people," he added.' Gallo spinoff has new name, $2 million in venture capital Link

"The discretionary FY 2005 budget request for the NIH is $28,607 million" NIH Roadmap, FY 2005 Budget Link

It won't go quietly will it?

This is a Professor from the University of Queensland here in Brisbane, where I borrowed John Lauritsen's 'AIDS War' from and ended up in front of this computer screen going nuts. I read that book in 1998, I can't help it, Lauritsen was angrier than me and saw this whole scam happen to his gay community and he was screaming. I just got damaged reading it.

John Mattick has some good ideas, and this is what he says about our friendly transposable elements.

"Mattick has evidence that RNA molecules wield ultimate control over when and where genes switch on and off. By switching integrated networks of genes on, and switching others off, RNAs control cell identity. They sculpt the myriad specialised cells of the immune and blood systems, make heart cells for hearts, nerve cells for brains, and liver cells for livers. RNAs also co-ordinate the miraculous development process of growth and differentiation that builds a perfect human baby from a few anonymous embryonic cells."

"If Mattick is right – and his evidence persuades a growing number of colleagues that he is – the descendants of his DNA-parasitic "hobos" are the "gnomes of the genome", toiling away unnoticed in the city of the cell, organising and running the whole, wondrous shebang."
Ghost in the machine Link

I'm not a health guru, this week I've eaten sandwiches for lunch, eggs and beans, eggs and veggie sausages twice, eggs and salmon from a can, pasta twice because I spent my spare cash seeing the Zoobombs, a great Japanese band two weeks back. My bag of lemons kept me going this week. R emember the profound influence of hormones?

Well, thinking about this has frazzled me probably for years. Right now I haven't slept, I feel ill and stressed but I'm alright. I don't have the sort of stress you get if someone tells you you're going to die because of an outdated test.

Tonight I have to practice with my band, tomorrow I sleep and then see the lovable legend of Brisbane, JJ Speedball, doing his cherry rock for a laugh.

When I press send on this I'll be happy as…, because it will then be everyone's problem, not mine to think about.

I just want someone else to notice because we are all in danger if we don't get moving to shove this monster in a coffin, stake it through the heart and nail it down hard before turfing it in the ground and pouring concrete over the top.

The time to recommend antenatal HIV screening for all pregnant women has arrived Link

Will Nano Selenium Help Prevent Avian Pandemic?
by Qu Yuan, Qu Lai and Qu Shaozhong February 17, 2006


Flavonoids are 'plant pigments', creating a rainbow of colors. They are 'scavengers of free radicals' and also essential in strengthening the walls of small blood vessels. They work together with vitamin C to strengthen capillary and connective tissues and help to lower cholesterol.

Food Sources:
Citrus fruits, apricots, cherries, strawberry, grapes, apples, papayas, green peppers, tom atoes, broccoli, cantaloupe and vegetables.

Tea (common green and black tea leaves consist of about 25-30 percent flavonoids), onions, soybeans (soya milk, 'tofu', 'tempe') also rich in flavonoids.

Quercetin is one of nature’s best immune boosters and antihistamines – and among the most abundant flavonoids found in food. Flavonoids are potent antioxidants that protect the body and fight silent inflammation.
It also fights free radicals that can damage cells. And it stops your body from ramping up histamine levels when you get sick, and that reduces symptoms like a stuffy nose, congestion and more.

So the next time you come down with a bug, you can treat it with 10 mg of quercetin daily. The easiest way to get enough quercetin is to eat dark, leafy, greens , or other dark-colored (raw) vegetables like red onions , scallions and kale. You also can get quercetin from fruit with edible skin, such as blueberries, blackberries, cherries, grapes, and, of course, apples .
You can also try supplementing. I came across a great new formula that contains a potent dosage of quercetin – along with several other rare and natural immune-booting herbs and nutrients.

Keto and heart disease or, how to talk to your doc about keto.

I originally wrote this as a response to a user's question about ketogenic diet in his mother with heart trouble, but once I finally was ready to submit, the user had deleted their original post! In order to try and not waste the effort, I'm posting here.

Note: I don't have personal experience with ketosis and heart disease, but I do have mad PubMed skills, access to scientific journals, a droplet of clinical experience, and a borderline obsessive interest in cardiovascular medicine.

The two things I will address are:

Is keto okay if you have heart disease?

How to talk to your doctor about doing keto.

1. Is keto okay if you have heart disease?
Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Yes, but.

"Low-carbohydrate diets may have some other beneficial effects with regard to risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, and some cancers, particularly if attention is paid to the type as well as the quantity of carbohydrate."
Source: "Obesity in adults: dietary therapy." UpToDate.

There are actually several peer-reviewed scientific papers that evaluate the effectiveness of LCHF on improving cardiovascular risk factors. Albeit, they're published in nutrition journals - the American College of Cardiology hasn't exactly come out with a position statement in favor of LCHF. No surprise to everyone devoted to r/keto, LCHF works!

Yes, but.
Overall, this diet is very safe. Most side effects are transient, mild, and easy to address. The safety of the diet in someone with heart disease depends, well, on the type of disease. The people who may be at highest risk are those who have conduction abnormalities (your heart's electrical system isn't working at 100%) or arrhythmias.

There is some possibly shaky, but nonetheless documented evidence that a ketogenic diet carries the risk of causing or exacerbating QT prolongation (a type of electrical conduction problem) and cardiomyopathy (literally "heart-not-working-right-itis") due to selenium deficiency. Granted, I have been able to find only two case reports, so there is zero power to draw conclusions about actual risk in any one person.

Note: The scope of my post is really intended to talk about heart disease. I'm not addressing other potential problems, such as keto in renal disease, the risk of kidney stones, etc. If you're worried about these things, the best resource is your doc.

2. I'm worried about backlash from my doctor, what do I do?
Docs, especially allopathic MDs, have miniscule training in nutrition. At one medical school I know too well, there is 1.5hrs of lecture time set aside for nutrition throughout the entirety of the 4-year program. You won't be surprised to know that LCHF gets just a few minutes and is boiled down and simplified so much that it's barely recognizable as the keto we know and love.
So, can you really blame us if we just regurgitate knowledge that we're trusting our faculty to bestow upon us? Even if it's probably bad knowledge? We've been sold the lowfathighcarb model for years. It's one nugget of questionable science in a banquet of information that we digest in order to try and not kill people. Sometimes, we get it wrong.

However, things are changing. I know many cardiologists who prescribe Atkins to their patients. And there is research being conducted. Keto is ready for medical prime-time, but there needs to be a push. I'm doing what I can from the inside to give it that push.

How to talk to your doctor about doing keto.
Most people can do a ketogenic diet without any serious health issues, but man, wouldn't it be nice to have your doctor on board just in case?

Explain to your doctor in a few, simple sentences that you are embarking on a lifestyle change to address your [obesity, diabetes, heart disease risk factors, etc]. Explain that you are going to do a low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat lifestyle, and that you have read that this can improve your [insert condition here.]

By all means, do not mention the internet. Just. Don't.

If they are skeptical, ask your doc to read the UpToDate articles on "Obesity in adults: dietary therapy" and "The ketogenic diet" (it's like Google for doctors). These are super-short articles written by trusted physician editors, with gobs of references. If they ask you how you know about UpToDate, tell them you have a doctor-friend. You do.

Maybe, just maybe, bring in the abstracts from a few scientific papers (like the first one I linked). But don't expect them to read it. And don't expect it to convince them right out. This has a caveat (see #5).

Don't overload them with information. It's not useful to bring in a bunch of papers or piles of print outs from the internet (remember what I told you about the internet in #2?!). docs just don't have time to sift through that much extra stuff, sorry. Especially if they're printed from the internet. A physician will think you are off-balance if you reference the internet in any of your arguments. You and I both know how much valuable information there is here. but, man, there's some anti-self-education bias out there.

Listen to your doc's perspective. You don't have to agree with what they say, but hear them out. Also, definitely don't mention to them how little they know about nutrition. Won't help your case at all, hah.

Ask your doctor to be your partner in this journey. Explain to them that you know how valuable having a physician on your team can be (can we say electrolyte, liver enzymes, lipid monitoring?), that you know how important it is to address your [condition], and that you believe they'll be an integral part of your success, even if they don't necessarily agree with your approach. You can tell how far I have yet to go in my training just by how much I'm sucking up right now, heh.

Ask for their help identifying a low carb-friendly nutritionist. Docs love helping, especially when it means delegating.

There are other doctors. If they say no, don't worry about it. You have the right to evidence-based medicine.

Anyone have success when talking to their doc about keto? Iɽ love to hear those perspectives!