Doctors exchange woman skull for 3D printed plastic prosthesis

Patient had rare disease that caused skull to become 5 cm thick. Surgery was performed at the University Medical Center of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

A Dutch hospital successfully obtained a patient's first upper skull replacement surgery for a plastic prosthesis created in 3D printing.

The 22-year-old woman suffered from a rare disease that thickened her skull abnormally. In her case, the skull was 5 centimeters thick, when normal would be 1.5 centimeters.

The surgery was performed at the University Medical Center of Utrecht, the Netherlands, and lasted 23 hours. Prostheses created on 3D printers had already been used to replace skull pairs, but this is the first time that almost the entire skull is replaced in a patient.

The procedure yields better results because using parts with this instant technology allows for a more accurate reconstruction.

"Using 3D printing, we can make one to the exact size," explains physician Bon Verweij, who commanded the surgery, in an interview with the Dutch News. "This not only has great aesthetic advantages, but the brain function of many patients." sometimes recovers better. "

The surgery was performed three months ago, but the hospital announced the procedure on Friday after making sure the woman recovered completely. "She has already returned to work and it is impossible to see that she was operated on," he said.

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